Event Guidelines:

Lang Hike

Los Angeles Nude Guys (LANG) events are private events for LANG members in good standing, their invited guests, and members of GNI affiliated brother clubs outside the Greater Los Angeles area.

Activity Guidelines are based on common courtesy and respect for others:

  • Hugs and friendly touching are OK. Spontaneous erections are generally considered natural and should not be a cause for concern or shame.
  • Body acceptance is what we're all about. Avoid making anyone feel conspicuous or uncomfortable.
  • Safe sexual activity may be allowed at some events. When allowed, sex must be mutually agreed upon and confined to the designated discrete areas to insure courtesy to individuals not choosing to participate.
  • Rude or obnoxious behavior is not acceptable, nor is abuse of alcohol or any activity that might cause injury.
  • DRUGS are NOT allowed.
  • Smoking is by host prerogative in a host designated area.
  • Members of the club are responsible for the behavior of the guests they invite.
  • Photography is permitted by members (for personal, noncommercial use) but only by common personal consent.
  • Everyone must be nude unless the listing for the event indicates otherwise.
  • Bring a towel to sit on and your own beverages to drink.
  • Thank the host, and if extra help is needed, offer to help.

Please bring your own towel, beverages to drink, and food to share as indicated in the event listing.

LANG has been organizing nude social events in the Greater Los Angeles, California area since 1987, bringing together gay and bisexual men who enjoy a healthy, nude lifestyle, and encouraging an active interest in social nudism. The minimum age to be a guest or join LANG is 21.


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